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I hate Mercedes’ Born This Way t-shirt. No Weave? Seriously?

1. I didn’t get it at first, I had to go look it up.

2. Everyone else took this seriously. They all chose these really important things that bother them and can’t be fixed. And you choose this. Seriously?

3. I love you Mercedes, but this upset me. I was looking forward to seeing what really bothers you, gets you on the inside, and this is what you choose? I still love you, but it just made me angry.

4. You could choose so many other things. What bothers you, Mercedes? Like how about weight, I’m pretty sure you mentioned it once or twice. Or that you loved a gay man. Or that no matter how hard you tried, you were always lonely. I’m sure you could come up with something meaningful.

5. Seriously. Worst Born This Way shirt ever.

You should have done more research. Do you understand what her Natural hair looks like? It’s kinky, and coilly, and big, and thick, and tough to deal with if you don’t know what you’re doing/don’t have the patience, and really fragile even though it seems like it should be the toughest stuff in the world (kinda like Mercedes herself in a way). Her weave covers up her real hair, her true self. A lot of young Black girls in America feel they have to conform to the straight hair look that is more widely accepted. So we put chemicals in our hair that fuck up the chemistry and break the bonds in our hair so we look like what is more widely accepted (and our scalps, I do not miss those chemical burns at all). We use massive amounts of heat to take out all of the kinks in our hair. We hide our true selves to make live easier. I really wish they’d explained Mercy’s shirt on the show, because most people don’t get it, and don’t want to get it. For more on this, see Amber’s own personal post about the shirt that she posted on her personal Tumblr here where she posted pics of her real hair. You should really try doing more research, because I’m thinking you didn’t look in the right places for the right answers and probably asked the wrong questions. There are plenty of articles out there on Black hair sites about Natural vs Relaxed vs Weaved if you are interested in actually educating yourself.

I had been getting perms since 3rd grade, before that my mom used to sit me down and use a hot comb (from the stove… not fun), I did flat ironing, I did a lot of really bad stuff to my hair to get it to look how it was “supposed” to look. Deciding to grow out my straight hair and rock my natural hair back in 2009 was the best decision I ever made. I understand her shirt because I’ve been there, she was born without the weave, and with the kinks, and that’s why her shirt is not stupid at all.

I know. I know all of this. I was not looking for a fight, but I was just saying that she never really talked about having trouble with this on the show. I just thought she should have done something more ‘true’ to her character (not just the actress), and maybe gone with something the audience knows that Mercedes struggled with. Please don’t attack me, just blacklist unpopular opinions if you can’t take stuff like this. That’s why I tagged it that way.

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    Right? Mercedes’ hair will ALWAYS grow out nappy and the Western world will ALWAYS have a problem with it. Even though...
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    Everyone else took this seriously. They all chose these really important things that bother them and can’t be fixed....
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    Now I want someone to show me the “attack” or the “fight” in the responses to the OP. People always want to say we don’t...
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    Lucy Caboosey came out of left field, and you aren’t calling that stupid. The only thing different is that they actually...
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    I know. I know all of this. I was not looking for a fight, but I was just saying that she never really talked about...
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    If you actually knew what the shirt meant, this “unpopular” (and uninformed) opinion wouldn’t be possible. But it’s...
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