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full-earth asked: One time this girl Kat really wanted to do "something" with my goggles which I didn't want any of so I walked away. She chased me down the hall, tackled me, and then walked away after tapping the lenses in a musical tune.

Oh my gOSHHH

full-earth asked: I want to join the ask train. So one time I went a year of school meowing and purring at random times I was sent to the school psychiatrist. You do anything like that?

Oh god so many things omg

There was a while where I stopped speaking entirely for like a week as a personal social experiment. 

I got sent to the principal’s office… twice… for biting the same person… months apart… last year

Oh god I have so many oh my goshhh

moriartlock asked: Our family hair is the most important

It really is.

fictionalparadox asked: (i feel weird now for sending that idk why? sorry tho if it made you uncomfortable in any way. the point of the message was that youre A+ ok ily)

Don’t be worried bby, all is well. :)

fictionalparadox asked: so yeah don't worry - normally all my convos about you are about how awesome you are and how much i adore you. that was the first one to end on an accidental sexual innuendo (I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT HAPPENED THO OH MY GOOOOD)


fictionalparadox asked: i actually talk about you so much in real life it's kinda ridiculous - all good things of course. if u met half of my friends they'd probably be like "oh you're aj's friend from the u.s!" i actually saw this post in class and the guy next to me asked why i was smiling and i ended up talking about you and the whole chook thing. and then he was like "i should call you chook it suits you! chook's are cute, not scary.... AND TASTY!" and we both jUST PAUSED. and he was like "...WAIT" GOOD GOD

god you make me so happy omg

marchcorvus asked: ilubb <3


Anonymous asked: can safely conclude that a similar (steam) engine could not pull an entire train of braking cabooses like myself and therefore steam does /not/ have the power to pull us along and is also lame and for stupid people. Really. It's been proven with train science.

Perhaps it is a metaphorical power, such inventions as steam trains can pull us into the future.

But who am I to say? I am no train, structurally.

Anonymous asked: Personally, as an entire freight train consisting solely of cabooses who are permanently braking I have to disagree with your answer to question 3. Steam does not have the power to pull us along. As evidenced by that race where a caboose was framed for slowing down a gross, dumb, lame steam engine, a steam engine running at racing speed can barely pull a single braking caboose (who was braking because his brake malfunctioned, not because he was evil, of course). Using this information we can

Wow, I was not aware of an entirely caboose-run train! Good for you for being you. <3